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Established in 2010, Victory Bicycle Studio has grown from a part-time project for its owner to a national industry leader in bicycle retail. The uncompromising commitment to service and attention to detail that have become the Victory standard is achieved through assembling a team of individuals that uniquely combine experience and passion for all things cycling. 

About Victory

Victory Bicycle Studio was founded in 2010 by Clark Butcher. Clark began his career in endurance sports at the age of 7 when his father introduced him to running. At 11 years old he completed his first half marathon and was hooked on competing. He went on to run several half marathons a year, as well as numerous 5K and 10K races, until the age of 14 when he discovered triathlons. After a handful of triathlons, he realized cycling was his forte’. Road racing soon commanded all his attention and he quickly moved through the USCF rankings to a Category 2 cyclist by the age of 16. Right after high school he started racing full time and competed in events such as the Junior World Cup in Canada, National Championships, and too many NRC (National Race Calendar) events too mention. This eventually led him to Germany, where for 5 weeks in 2002 he raced and trained with the German National team. This brought him great experience in the world of elite bicycle racing.

Clark studied Exercise Science at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO, focusing on integrating his knowledge of training on the bike with exercise physiology. This combination continues to be valuable to him, his client athletes, and Victory’s customers.

After taking a sabbatical from studies to race full time again, he soon became a USCF Category 1 racer and Professional mountain biker, where he continues to race today. He finds great satisfaction in working every day with clients who share his love of bicycles.

Built around the goal of providing unparalleled service and expertise, our staff boasts more than 55 years combined experience in the bicycle industry, and more than 65 years combined retail and service experience.

Operates within a single goal; to collectively provide clients an unparalleled experience uncommon to the cycling industry.

Customer service, industry expertise, and insider retail knowledge allow for more than buying a bike. Victory allows customers a sense of participating in an awareness of being enlightened.

Over 55 years of combined professional experience suggests an enterprise with a foundation of exceeding its goals. Disappointment need not apply.

Clark Butcher

They say the first step to addressing addiction is admitting you have a problem. Clark will be the first to tell you he is addicted to endurance athletics. He got his start with running at the age of seven he is yet to stop. After running for a few years, Clark’s competitive endeavors led him to triathlon where he naturally excelled in cycling. By the time he was sixteen, Clark achieved the distinction of category two cyclist. Pursuing racing full time, “Grizzwald” completed in events such as the Junior World Cup in Canada, National Championships, and professional caliber events throughout the country. These efforts culminated in 2002 when Butcher spent a summer racing throughout Europe with the German National Team. 

What makes Victory’s sole owner unique is his combination of years spent competing, background in physiology/endurance coaching, and industry experience. Making Victory Bicycle Studio a place where someone with his knowledge of the cycling world would want to hang out is more than a job for Clark, it’s his passion. Whether it’s training for his next hundred-mile mountain bike race, winning the Watkins sprint on the Victory Sunday ride, or working to help a first time cyclist lose weight, Clark Butcher is a man who has made cycling his life. 

Zach Crandall

The newest member of the Victory squad is anything but new to cycling. Born and raised here in Memphis, Zach has devoted his entire career to the cycling industry by wrenching in various shops throughout the country. With a decade of experience, Zach has forgotten more about bicycles than many mechanics will ever know. Recognized as a talent, Zach joined Victory after 5 years in Northern California working at a high-volume Trek Bicycle store. His hands-on knowledge of the latest road, mountain, and cyclocross bikes make him a vital addition to the lineup.

Sean Vandergriff

Victory's Sales and Support Specialist has made his passion and excitement for cycling into a commitment to provide our customers with exceptional personal service; whether it is in store, in a follow up, or while out leading one of our Sunday group rides. A New Orleans native, Midtowner, and eclectic personality, Sean thrives knowing that a bike can be and mean so many things to so many different types of people and that a simple conversation can make their experience with one exponentially better. With an affinity for design, aesthetics, and form as well as having ridden numerous events in many different environments, Sean will be putting his skills and knowledge to work as our Fitting Specialist to ensure your comfort, ability and goals align into success.

Adam Kaluzny

With athletics always part of his life as a child, Adam participated and excelled in team sports. In 2002 a friend convinced him to train and run a 4 mile race with him. Quickly, a passion for running was discovered. Soon after, he was hitting the Memphis racing scene competing in 5k's and 10k's. Feeling confident, it wasn't long until Adam progressed to half and full marathons. Fortunately, this led to new friends and those new friends introduced triathlons! BOOM! Another passion was found. Needing a better understanding of bike mechanics, he began volunteering at Revolutions Bicycle CoOp. After spending most free Saturday and Sunday's at the co-op, he eventually built his first tri-bike! What an amazing sense of accomplishment! Soon after, he was competing in local triathlons, often placing in overalls and / or my age group! In 2014, he was asked to join the Los Locos Racing Team. Today, he continues to train, race, and compete.

We are a "Service" store that happens to offer retail. Renowned for our professional fitting services and extensive knowledge in physiology and bio-mechanics, we offer the premier line-up of bicycles, apparel and accessories found in the marketplace.

The Victory approach to client satisfaction relies on providing services beyond the physical aspect of purchasing a bike.

Professional fitting savvy, applied kinesiology and individual locomotion study combine to form first rate special and a sick bike that fits.

A premier menu of bicycles, top shelf apparel, and exclusive accessories compliment Victory’s acclaimed service completing the Victory dynamic.


Spin Classes


At Victory Bicycle Studio we know that if your bike doesnt fit you properly, its useless. The Victory fitting process caters to cyclists and triathletes of all age, fitness, and ability levels. Our Sales Manager Nick Lewis has trained under the direction of Joseph Bolton, one of the few fitters in the world who holds the distinctions of Retul Certified Master Fitter and Body Geometry Fit Certified Master Fitter. By choosing the Victory Fit, you are receiving a professional fitting that cannot be matched in depth, detail, and experience.

In order to achieve a truly custom fit, our methodology accounts for the fact that each athlete is unique in their range of motion, functional stability, and fitness level. To reach a balanced, comfortable, athletic, and powerful position, each of these factors must be taken into consideration. To effectively accomplish this, we employ a dynamic fitting process that uses positional changes to achieve a position which uniquely compliments each individuals bio-mechanics. 

Evaluating an athletes biomechanics as they are actively pedaling is vital in that it paints the entire picture in a manner that cant be achieved through static measurements. By using a pre-fit assessment and photo/video analysis, we are able to see how each riders bio-mechanics change as they engage with the pedals. In addition, an important aspect of the Victory Fit is offering concrete suggestions for improving on the bike functionality. This may be any combination of stretching, mobility work, foam rolling, and strengthening exercises. The overarching aim of our bike fit is to put each athlete in a position that maximizes efficiency, comfort, and power. 

Professional fittings are by appointment only. Contact us to book a session that will leave you riding faster with more comfort and less effort. 



Advanced Fit Includes

  • Measurement of Existing Bike
  • Fitting
  • Follow Up
  • Cost: $150

Pro Fit Includes

  • Comprehensive Interview
  • Measurement of Existing Bike
  • Flexibility Assessment
  • Sit Bone Measurement
  • Leg Length Measurement
  • Hip Placement Review
  • Hamstring and IT Band Flexibility Review
  • Fitting
  • 1 Follow Up Fitting within 45 days
  • Each Follow-up Fitting after 45 days is $90 hr
  • Cost: $250

Please Bring The Following

  • The Bicycle(s) you Want to be Fit
  • Cycling Kit (Shorts and Top)
  • Current Riding Shoes
  • Typical Riding Accessories (helmet, gloves, etc.)

To call these classes “spin” classes would be a gross understatement. Modeled after the demands of a rigorous ride or race, these one-hour, heart-rate based classes are designed to produce fitness that translates to outdoor riding. While each trainer class offers a different workout, they are aimed at increasing your overall endurance, speed, and technique. Additionally, this variety exposes your body to different stresses that ultimately result in a more fit, well-rounded cyclist. These classes aren’t taught by spandex-clad instructors with microphones. They’re taught by endurance coaches with years of competitive experience. 

After signing up, you will undergo a heart-rate stress test to ensure the maximal personal optimization of each class. Additionally, you’ll be provided with a trainer, a trainer mat, a fresh towel, and choice tunes. Just bring your bike and a water bottle, we’ll cover the rest. Regardless of if you’re a morning person or you enjoy your sleep, we have a class for you. All classes, which take place at The Studio, are limited to twelve participants and require a monthly commitment. 


  • Wednesday/Friday 6-7am
  • Tuesday/Thursday 6-7am
  • $120 Monthly

The best testing takes time and expertise. There is much more to it than simply owning the proper equipment. Clark Butcher has tested hundreds of athletes from elites to weekend warriors. From his knowledge gained in real scientific training labs and on the road in the professional peloton, Clark is able to push the athlete in ways other physiologists cannot. Whether it’s making slight fitting changes, or equipment changes, Clark will ensure that you are recording the best possible results.

We use Lactate Threshold Testing as a benchmark for improving performance, as well as a tool to monitor/measure your current level of fitness. With the finest and most accurate equipment available (a Computrainer Science model) and Clark’s 11 years of athlete testing experience, Victory Bicycle Studio can produce the most current and accurate results.

For more information check out Propel Endurance Coaching.

What To Expect

  • Wattage/Fitness Testing: $80; time 45 min – 1 hour
  • Warm-up/cool-down (15-20 min) with question and answer with Clark
  • Wattage and heart rate test
  • Follow-up with personal training zones and training recommendations

Nathan loses his mustache…sorry ladies! (and some men)

Watch Nathan lose the nasty-stache and come back to reality!

Top 5 Things – Robert HATES to hear!

And, for the back of the house, here are the top 5 things that Robert HATES to hear.

Top 5 Things – Clark HATES to hear!

We made this compilation of the top 5 things that Clark HATES to hear. Pardon the editing….but damn, you get the picture!

Shifter Change in under 6 minutes

While watching the coverage of the recent 2012 Cyclocross National Championships, we heard that a pit crew mechanic changed a riders broken shifter – all over the course of just 1 lap (6 minutes). We decided to simulate the same conditions with 30 degree weather and a constant spray of water….and a random air-horn – all while RT does the mechanic work. Check it.

Can you ride a Cervelo without seat stays?

We were told that the Squoval downtube on a Cervelo is so strong, that you can ride one WITHOUT the seat stays.

Sunday Funday….with a 6ft. Unicycle

Clark gives Davis crap about how riding a unicycle is dorky. Davis comes through, and delivers.