Victory Bicycle Studio’s approach to fittings: We don’t cut corners. We custom fit every bike we sell, no exceptions. Our fits include an in-depth interview process because age, gender, and riding experience effect how you ride your bike. In addition, we do a physical inventory to access flexibility, previous injuries, and problems you may currently have on or off the bike. This comprehensive process, combined with our years of experience – we have fit hundreds of riders both competitive and noncompetitive – make Victory Bicycle Studio capable and qualified to help you find a bike that will increase your speed, improve your comfort, and make your riding experience more enjoyable.

The other guys’ approach to fittings: “Stand over the top tube. If you have two inches of clearance, the bike fits.” (This is probably the most often uttered and most utterly useless phrase in all of bike retail.)


  • Dynamic Fit:  $150
  • Measure existing bike
  • Interview process
  • Physical assessment
  • Fitting
  • Follow up
  • Any second bike:  $90 per hour; minimum half hour

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