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Our Services

We are a “Service” store that happens to offer retail. Renowned for our professional fitting services and extensive knowledge in physiology and bio-mechanics, we offer the premier line-up of bicycles, apparel and accessories found in the marketplace. The Victory approach to client satisfaction relies on providing services beyond the physical aspect of purchasing a bike. Professional fitting savvy, applied kinesiology and individual locomotion study combine to form first rate special and a sick bike that fits. A premier menu of bicycles, top shelf apparel, and exclusive accessories compliment Victory’s acclaimed service completing the Victory dynamic.

At Victory Bicycle Studio we know that if your bike doesnt fit you properly, its useless. The Victory fitting process caters to cyclists and triathletes of all age, fitness, and ability levels. Our Fitter Sean Vandergriff has trained under the direction of Joseph Bolton, one of the few fitters in the world who holds the distinctions of Retul Certified Master Fitter and Body Geometry Fit Certified Master Fitter. By choosing the Victory Fit, you are receiving a professional fitting that cannot be matched in depth, detail, and experience.

In order to achieve a truly custom fit, our methodology accounts for the fact that each athlete is unique in their range of motion, functional stability, and fitness level. To reach a balanced, comfortable, athletic, and powerful position, each of these factors must be taken into consideration. To effectively accomplish this, we employ a dynamic fitting process that uses positional changes to achieve a position which uniquely compliments each individuals bio-mechanics. 

Evaluating an athletes biomechanics as they are actively pedaling is vital in that it paints the entire picture in a manner that cant be achieved through static measurements. By using a pre-fit assessment and photo/video analysis, we are able to see how each riders bio-mechanics change as they engage with the pedals. In addition, an important aspect of the Victory Fit is offering concrete suggestions for improving on the bike functionality. This may be any combination of stretching, mobility work, foam rolling, and strengthening exercises. The overarching aim of our bike fit is to put each athlete in a position that maximizes efficiency, comfort, and power. 

Professional fittings are by appointment only. Fill out the form below to book a session that will leave you riding faster with more comfort and less effort.

Advanced Fit Includes

  • Measurement of Existing Bike
  • Fitting
  • Follow Up
  • Cost: $225 (Triathlon and TT bikes +$75)

Pro Fit Includes

  • Comprehensive Interview
  • Measurement of Existing Bike
  • Flexibility Assessment
  • Sit Bone Measurement
  • Leg Length Measurement
  • Hip Placement Review
  • Hamstring and IT Band Flexibility Review
  • Fitting
  • 1 Follow Up Fitting within 45 days
  • Each Follow-up Fitting after 45 days is $90 hr
  • Cost: $300 (Triathlon and TT bikes +$75)

Please Bring The Following

  • The Bicycle(s) you Want to be Fit
  • Cycling Kit (Shorts and Top)
  • Current Riding Shoes
  • Typical Riding Accessories (helmet, gloves, etc.)


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