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Victory peddling toward a second store

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The owner of a Binghampton bike shop is again talking expansion.

Clark Butcher, of Victory Bicycle Studio, is planning to open a second store with a focus on affordable prices in a family-friendly atmosphere.

While Victory caters to a more niche biker, the second store will offer an entirely different concept that Butcher plans to eventually franchisee.

“I’m going to bring that high level of care into a price-point product,” Butcher said.

Proximity and real estate is everything to the owner who places a premium on customer service. An ideal space would be 2,000 to 2,500 square feet within walking distance to the preexisting high-end Victory store at 2549 Broad Ave., but finding a property on Broad has become difficult. Three times Butcher had properties under contract, and each time the deal crumbled.

“I really want it to be on Broad,” Butcher said. “If I start driving across town to check on another shop I’d become a non-existent owner.The few places that are available have some major hurdles, and no one is going to pay Saddle Creek prices in Binghampton.”

This is the start of the busy season in the cycling world, especially for Butcher, who coaches 28 athletes and is a consultant in addition to owning Victory. He is hopeful to get the second store going by November 2015 and currently has two letters of intent filed on possible storefronts.