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Young Memphians Helping Keep Memphis Fit: Spotlight on Clark Butcher

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Clark Butcher

Competitive cyclist, local business owner, coach and cycling advocate.
Co-Owner of Victory Bicycle Studio; Principal Owner of Propel Endurance Training

Clark grew up in the local running and cycling community.  He was the youngest ever finisher of the MRTC Road Race Series as a 9 year old.  After racing bicycles in the US and Europe, Clark settled back in Memphis and has immersed himself in the local endurance community.  As the co-owner of Victory Bicycle Studio, he helps Memphians stay fit by introducing them to the sport, leading indoor spin classes, organizing events and clinics and coaching beginner and elite athletes.  Whether their goal is to lose weight or achieve competitive results, Clark offers the support, expertise and motivation to reach those goals. He is also engaged with local politicians, non-profit groups, and activists supporting bike lanes, the Greenline, and overall bicycle advocacy throughout Memphis.

What are your health/ fitness goals for 2012?

My personal goal, truly, is to just get healthy.  I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 2 years ago.  Right now, I just get as fit as I can, when I am not sick. When I get sick, there is nothing I can do. Just getting out of the house can be exhausting with all the blood and weight loss.

What is on your fitness bucket list?

I have competed in cycling events at the Elite/Pro level, so not much more bike racing on the bucket list. I just want to do some of the big charity rides, and have fun.  I do have some endurance running goals in mind for the next few years.  Specifically, I want to break 16 minutes in the 5K, break 22:00 in the 4 mile, and 1:18 in the half marathon. I would also like to run a 50 miler in the next year, however that would be just a run, not race.

What can young Memphians do to improve their health?

Don’t smoke! This cigarette smoking drives me crazy.  Before you can run or ride, you got to put that cancer stick down. It’s awful. Quit smoking so you can reduce the health risks.

Where is your favorite locale to exercise in Memphis?

Shelby Forest. The trails are incredible, and the roads around, and throughout are some of the finest terrain within 20 minutes of Memphis. Truly, it is tough to drive out there sometimes, but once I am at the Forest, stress level goes way down.