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Upgrade Your Inside Ride

Every time you are in the saddle, the fit needs to be right; whether outside or on an indoor machine.

That’s why we’ve brought the expertise and detail of our bike fit offerings to Peloton!

We want to ensure that your experience with it is as comfortable, efficient and enjoyable as possible.

We set and adjust the cleat position on your shoes. Getting rid of any hotspotting in the feet and relaxing the tension in your knees.

Using flexibility and range of motion assessments we are able to determine and set proper saddle height and knee alignment. Ensuring that discomfort and unnecessary stress is taken away, while increasing your efficiency, smoothness and power.

Lastly, we work to find the best handlebar height to keep your back and core engaged without introducing any tension in the neck and shoulders.

Get comfortable and get strong with a Peloton Fit!