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Victory Summer Training Program

Warm Up, Roll Out, & Find Your Tribe

Every journey has a starting point. Begin your cycling journey this summer with our Couch-to-50-mile training group — or take your journey to the next level with our 100-mile training rides.

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Your Ticket to Victory

You’ve gotta start somewhere — so why not start where the standard is Victory.

Every June, Victory Bicycle Studio kicks off two summer training programs:

  • Couch-to-50-Mile program for beginner-level riders
  • 100-Mile group ride for more advanced cyclists

Each program offers a weekly group ride every Sunday from June – August. We’ll meet at Purlieu, our event center out in Shelby Forest, and ride with other cyclists at your level.

Along the way, you’ll get specialized training and tips from elite-level athletes so you can get better fast and shift your performance to the next gear.

How Much Does This Ticket to Victory Cost?

For $229, you’ll get:

  • A monthly training plan
  • $120 jersey/uniform
  • 20% in-store discount on nutrition
  • Highly personalized, expert training
  • Monthly clinics

Most importantly, you’re gonna have fun, get better, and find a tribe — or peloton — of riders just like you who also want to crush their cycling goals while just enjoying everything the Memphis cycling community has to offer.

Two Ways to Crush Your Cycling Goals


You’ll start at 5 miles on the first day and progressively, methodically climb to 50 miles by the end of the summer.

We’ll build your training from the ground up — literally. On the first day, you’ll learn how to properly pump the tires, get your bike out of your car without damaging either, and safely and efficiently climb into the saddle and clip into your pedals.

Of course, you’ll quickly move on to other essential skills that will organically transform you into a more experienced cyclist over the course of the program.

We’ve designed the Couch-to-50-Mile program to build community both on the road and off.

  • Ride 1: You’ll be one-on-one with another rider to get the hang of riding next to another cyclist.
  • Ride 2: We’ll build on the first ride by getting you used to riding in a two-by-two formation — so not just side-by-side, but also in front of and behind.
  • Ride 3: By this point, you’ll be getting the hang of it, riding in an eight-cyclist, four-by-four peloton.

You get the picture. But don’t sweat it — every cyclist starts somewhere, and you’re choosing to start at Victory.

Meet the Coaches

Meet Coach Sean

Meet Coach Clark

Meet Coach Keith

Meet Coach Anne

Meet Coach Teresa

group of riders smiling and taking a photo together

100-Mile Rides

This training program is geared more to advanced riders who’ve already nailed the basics and want to shift their performance into the next gear.

You’ll start at 30 miles the first day and build to 80 miles by the end of the summer. And because a race — or in this case, a ride — is a great way to celebrate all the time and effort you’ve put into your training, our summer program will culminate in the 100-mile Big Dam Bridge Ride in Little Rock on September 28.

Key Dates to Look Forward to

Make sure you add these dates to your calendar app, pencil them in on your wall calendar, and/or stamp them into your training log — you won’t want to miss any of these key happenings this summer.

Info Nights

We’ll offer two informational sessions for both the 50-mile and 100-mile training groups:

  • Dates: April 3 & May 1
  • Location: Victory Studio
  • Time: Starts at 6 PM and lasts less than an hour

Once everyone has arrived, you’ll split up with your training group to listen to a speaker. You’ll hear past participants speak about their experiences, learn great advice from our coaches, and get all the deets you need from Clark about the training program as a whole and the Big Dam Bridge Ride in September.

Weekly Rides

We’ll start and finish at Purlieu in Shelby Farms every Sunday from June through September.

In June and July, we’ll begin our rides at 9 AM. In August and September, we’ll do our best to beat the heat by starting at 8 AM.

Our first ride is Sunday, June 2 at 9 AM.

Expert Clinics

Enrolling in our summer training program gets you access to four expert clinics. We’ll host these clinics at Victory Studio on the first Wednesday of every month from June through September.

These clinics are included in your program fee and give you the opportunity to visit our store, build community with your fellow riders, and get expert advice on topics essential to getting your training off on the right cadence.

Like us, our expert clinics are super laid back. We won’t be spinning any bikes or practicing any training or riding techniques, so just dress casually and come ready to enjoy some drinks, hear some expert advice, and hang out with your training partners — out of the saddle.

Clinic #1

  • What: How to Maintain Your Bike & Fix a Flat
  • When: June 5 at 6 PM

Clinic #2

  • What: Nutrition
  • When: July 10 at 6 PM

Clinic #3

  • What: Stretching & Recovery With a Professional PT
  • When: August 7 at 6 PM

Clinic #4

  • What: Pre-Big Dam Bridge Ride Details & Prep
  • When: September 4 at 6 PM

Big Dam Bridge Ride

Stick with the program and you’ll have the chance to celebrate all the hard work and hours you’ve put into training with this 50-mile ride (100-mile for the 100-mile group) in Little Rock on September 28.

Learn more by checking out the Big Dam Bridge Ride event schedule.

Take Your Performance to the Next Gear

Whether you’re a beginner looking to jump into cycling — or an advanced rider wanting to level up your endurance — you can crush your cycling goals, find your training tribe, and become a better, more comfortable cyclist by joining the Victory Summer Training Club.

Sign up here or call us at (901) 746-8466 if you have any questions.

Need inspiration? Check out our Facebook page to see photos of fellow roadies laughing, smiling, and just crushing it on past Sunday rides.

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